A Bistrô created by an English Chef named Gavin, located in a small town in the south of Brazil. It has the most creative full of passion food.


The Chef gave me total freedom to create and direct the photos for the Bistrô and we developed a great work relationship.


A 45 year old traditional restaurant starts a new chapter when the 2 sons took over the business. An old menu,new branding and new photos all blended into this beautiful material.

This job was made as a team with head brand, social media
and me for almost 3 years. We discuss the needs month by
month and decide and execute strategies for them.


A cool place and good drinks from awesome friends.

Using a natural light mixing with some control lights inside to make this

beautiful and clean work follow by the girls instructions.


Coffeeshop from a coworking place decides to change the whole menu. 

They called a brilliant chef, a branding team, and me ;) Together we did this awesome job, full of creative minds and passion. 


Bar specialized in drinks and good bistrô food. 

The idea was to use the bar's own natural light and pass the experience of been there on daily basis.